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Phytofuse Rejuvenate ®
INCI Name: Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract
Potential Applications: Wound Healing, Anti-Inflammatory, Film Forming, Skin Care, Hair Care, Natural Cosmetics, Antioxidant
Suggested Use Levels:1.0 – 10.0%
Solubility:Water Soluble
Solvent: Water
Benefits:Anti-Inflammatory, Wound Healing, Natural Film Former, Intense Antioxidant, Procollagen Synthesis
Preservation System: Preservative Free

Phytofuse Rejuvenate ® is a natural carbohydrate scaffolding that promotes wound healing and protects the skin and hair from pollution. The isolated polysaccharides extracted from the Salvia hispanica seed have demonstrated their ability to aid in cell proliferation and impart wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin to prevent signs of aging. Phytofuse Rejuvenate ® is capable of delivering exceptional wound healing, anti-inflammatory, film forming, and anti-irritant benefits as well as improving sensorial properties of any formulation.