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ACB Bamboo Isoflavones PF

ACB Bamboo Isoflavones PF acts as a natural silicone replacement and powerful antioxidant to provide benefits to the skin and hair. Bamboo is a natural, sustainable raw material with various benefits. Due to our environmental stance and continual focus on sustainability, Active Concepts developed an innovative bamboo-derived product. ACB Bamboo Isoflavones PF is produced by macerating bamboo stalks and leaves and then fermenting them with Lactobacillus lactis. This forms a bio-silicate with the silica, from the plants matrix. We then isolate the powerful antioxidants, without the use of harsh chemicals, to provide a product containing bio-chelated silica and isoflavones. ACB Bamboo Isoflavones PF provides both a resilient slip and powerful anti-aging properties, useful for a variety of skin and haircare applications.