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Lipolami – thistle oil air
(RU) Функциональный актив (RU) Многофункциональный актив, позволяющий получить роскошную текстуру, не добавляя силиконы.
(RU) INCI name: (RU) Silybum Marianum Ethyl Ester

Our expertise in natural formulation has enabled us to develop the must-have cosmetic ingredient for all your Skin care products: Lipolami®ER.

Obtained from milk thistle, an original plant for cosmetics, Lipolami®ER is a natural cosmetic ingredient which takes the form of a dry soft-touch fluid oil.

Luxurious textures for emulsions and foaming products

The Lipolami®ER can be used to formulate silicone-free skin care products with a smooth, silky and non-sticky texture. It provides a feeling of extreme softness when applied.

A natural ingredient for extremely soft emulsions

A comparative blind study between five different textures was carried out to evaluate the sensorial qualities. The formula with Lipolami®ER gives the best average on most parameters. Examining each parameter shows that Lipolami®ER can be used to formulate natural, melting, smooth and non-sticky cosmetic products. It provides a feeling of extreme softness when applied, and reduces the soaping effect.

A quality cosmetic ingredient for foaming products

When used in foaming products, Lipolami®ER decreases the drying effect of the surfactants, which manifests as a feeling of comfort when applied to the skin as well as, after shampoo, hair is supple, easy to untangle and easy to style.

Up to 1.5% (even more depending on formulas), Lipolami®ER can be added directly to foaming products (without using solubilizer) and without affecting their transparency or their foaming power.

Strong spreading ability of Lipolami®ER

A cosmetic product is pleasant to use when it smoothly and lightly spreads on the skin. Particularly fluid, Lipolami®ER has outstanding spreading properties, giving cosmetic products a pleasant feeling. Lipolami®ER is much more fluid than oil (nearly as much fluid as water).

Cosmetic active for skin protection

Multifunctional, this Natural Cosmetic ingredient offers a cosmetic protective activity on the skin barrier thanks to its richness in omega-6 fatty acids.

Tested efficacy

Tests results show that Lipolami®ER preserves the skin barrier function by protecting it from aggressions as the use of drying and delipidating products. It offers to cosmetic bases a cosmetic activity which reinforces the efficacy of products for dry, delipidated or atopic skin.

Numerous Technical Benefits in Formulas

Lipolami®ER can also have exceptional spreading and solubilizing abilities particularly interesting for suncare products, make-up and perfumery such as :

  • Stability and fineness of emulsions
  • Sunscreens dispersion and solubilization
  • Pigments and minerals dispersion
  • Solubilization for perfumes (perfumed bases and essential oils)
  • Effective solubilization for oily substances


  • Silybum Marianum Ethyl Ester