• World of natural ingredients
  • World of natural ingredients
  • Plant extracts for herbal remedies for GMP standard
Our partners
Alban Muller International
Cosmetic innovations in harmony with nature. Alban Muller International is an expert in the development and production of natural plant extracts and cosmetic actives and also world famous private label manufacturer.
Кalichem Italia s.r.l.
The manufacturer of natural surfactants and emulsifiers based on olive oil and vegetable lipoproteins. Safety and ease of use.
Vanessence S.A.
Swiss elegance and richness of aromas. Established in 1987 by Laurent Boson, the company Vanessence S.A. a family business that specializes in the creation and production of flavors.
SOCRI s.r.l.
A young innovative company working in the field of "green chemistry" offers effective alternatives to synthetic ingredients.
(RU) CFF GmbH & Co
(RU) CFF GmbH & Co -немецкий производитель натуральной целлюлозы, полученной из разных растений для широкого применения в косметической промышленности в качестве замены микропластикам, также в пищевой и фармацевтической индустриях. http://www.cff.de